What is the O2 Light Partner Programme?

It's important for us to grow our client portfolio in the right way.

We do this through personal introductions to those who would benefit from a lighting upgrade or solar pV installation, saving money on energy bills through the following:

Upgrading Lighting and installing energy saving controls

Improving buildings with better, brighter light.

Installing solar panels, enabling customers to generate their own electricity

Whether you are looking to expand your service offering to existing clients, generate a second line of income alongside your current job, or simply help your business contacts get ready for net zero compliance, there is no cost to join or pressure to perform.

What’s in it for You?

  • Earn generous uncapped commission alongside your day job
  • Freedom to be your own boss
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Exchange leads for your own business
  • Improve existing relationships with customers by helping them save on their energy costs

Ready to Find Out More?

Would you like to join our partnership programme?

If so, why not give David Lakey, our Head of Partner Programme, a call on 01707 351823 for a no-obligation introduction.